• Get Down With Upcycling With These 14 DIY Decorating Tips

    The term upcycling is making its rounds in social circles as more people become aware of the benefits of repurposing something old into something new. Creativity flows and inspiration surrounds as DIYers search for ways to decorate their homes, cut costs and – most importantly – reduce their carbon footprint. By using innovative upcycling techniques and...

    By Kayla MatthewsLiving & Well BeingJuly 1, 2015
  • The Energy Conservation Lists Are Not Complete!

    Most of us have seen or read them - energy conservation lists.  But, do you conserve energy by doing things that you don’t read about in all those lists on how to conserve? Over the years my wife and I have made an effort to use those lists as a starting point, and usually we hit...

    By Earth911Home & GardenJuly 1, 2015
  • Don't Leave Home Without This Green Camping Gear

    If you spend any time camping in the outdoors, chances are you're going to be passionate about protecting it. While camping isn't necessarily a high carbon footprint activity, there are still ways to minimize your environmental impact even more when planning a weekend or week of trail blazing. Check out these green camping gear options...

    By Kimberly ButtonTravelJune 30, 2015

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Get Down With Upcycling With These 14 DIY Decorating Tips

July 1st, 2015
By Kayla Matthews

The Energy Conservation Lists Are Not Complete!

July 1st, 2015
By Earth911
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Don’t Leave Home Without This Green Camping Gear

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How The Web Is Greening Travel Accommodations

June 29th, 2015
By Sarah Lozanova

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