• 7 Gardening Ideas For Creating A Greener Garden

    Spring is just around the corner, and avid gardeners are already mapping out their gardens and starting seeds indoors.  Gardening ideas? Yeah, we've got 'em. There is so much to consider when planning out your garden. What fruits and vegetables will you grow? What method will you use? Will you start from seeds or buy seedlings?...

    By Chrystal JohnsonHome & GardenFebruary 8, 2016
  • 6 Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Gift Ideas With Heart

    As a couple who doesn’t follow the gift-giving status quo, my husband and I don’t send pesticide-laden flower bouquets or nosh on slave-labor chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Rather, we like to be unique with our gift giving and choose eco-friendly items (or experiences) that will create a lasting impression; not just for ourselves, but for...

    By Lisa BeresEvents & EntertainementFebruary 5, 2016
  • How To Root Out Food Waste At (And Away From) Home

    We cover food waste often – and justifiably so.  The Washington Post covered food waste in 2014 and had this to say about it, "In 2012, the most recent year for which estimates are available, Americans threw out roughly 35 million tons of food, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That's almost 20 percent more food...

    By Chase EzellHome & GardenFebruary 4, 2016

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