By Mary Mazzoni on Jun 24, 2013

Believe it or Not, This Historic Home is Energy Neutral

Built in the early 20th Century, this lovely villa is the first energy-neutral historic monument in The Netherlands. The refurbishment, completed in 2010 by Dutch architecture firm Zecc Architecten, is an exemplary marriage of cultural heritage and modern technology. Click through for a closer look.

Photo: Cornbread Works

Photo: CornbreadWorks

Four years ago, the villa's current owners purchased the city-owned historic property with the progressive vision of transforming it into a zero-energy house.

After enlisting the help of Marnix van der Meer and Bart Kellerhuis of Zecc Architecten, the eco-conscious history buffs were on their way to making their dreams of energy-neutral living a reality.

Together with One Planet Architecture Institute (OPAi), the Amsterdam-based firm that devised the energy concept, Zecc Architecten seamlessly integrated clean energy technology with a complete restoration and expansion of the historic home.

Located about an hour outside Amsterdam in the rural town of Driebergen-Rijsenburg, the home now provides all of its own energy through high-quality solar and geothermal power systems. Click through to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous restoration and see how a 100-year-old house became a tech-lover's dream.

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