By Nate Lipka on Aug 30, 2013

Report: Apple Finally Set to Launch iPhone Trade-in Program

Apple is set to launch a "Reuse and Recycle" program today, according to 9to5Mac. Photo: Flickr/Yutaka Tsutano

Apple is set to launch a “Reuse and Recycle” program today, according to 9to5Mac. Photo: Flickr/Yutaka Tsutano

Next time you go to the Apple store to buy the next iteration of the iPhone, bring your old one — you may finally be able to trade it in.

Apple is set to launch a ‘Reuse and Recycle’ program today, according to 9to5Mac, a site that reports on such matters feverishly. Customers will be able to trade in old versions of the iPhone for up to hundreds of dollars toward the purchase of a new iPhone, according to the site.

The new iPhone must be activated on-scene and be on-contract with an approved provider, according to the report. In a twist, 9to5Mac’s sources say all old iPhones will be recycled for use exclusively within the U.S.

The move puts Apple in the company of cellular service providers and phone manufacturers that have operated similar trade-in programs for years.

Other options for properly unloading old smart phones are to sell them on the open market or donate them to an organization that refurbishes them for charitable causes.

Apple already recycles iPhone models and other Apple products that are broken or worn out at no charge.

The U.S. sends 135 million cell phones to landfills each year, according to Sprint, not counting the number of unused phones accumulated in closets and junk drawers across the country.

Apple will reportedly unveil the next iPhone model on Tuesday, Sept. 10, no doubt in grand fashion.

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