By Mary Mazzoni on Feb 10, 2012

8 Eco-Friendly Chocolate Boxes

Sure, you want to pick out the cutest (and most eco-friendly) chocolate box for your sweetie. But who has time to sift through all the fancy heart-shaped boxes to find that perfect one? Don't worry, planet-friendly Casanova. We do. Check out our picks, and make everyone on your list smile this year.

Bee My Lovebug set by John & Kira's

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Bee My Lovebug gift set by John & Kira's

These stylish, hand-painted chocolates are almost too cute to eat - almost. Each Bee My Lovebug set is filled with mouth-watering salted caramel touched with fragrant basswood honey from the family-owned Draper's Apiary.

To create these adorable Honey Caramel bees, John & Kira's combines 64 percent organic Valrhona chocolate with fresh cream and a touch of sugar for a tasty ganache that's perfect for love bugs. Choose from nine or 16-piece sets or their massive 27-piece tower.

Price: $26.10 for a 9-piece set


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