8 Eco-Friendly Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate Bar Case by Lulu's Chocolate

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Chocolate Bar Case by Lulu's Chocolate

While living in Portland, Lulu's Chocolate founder Louise "Lulu" Sharpe took a trip to Hawaii to explore the tropics. It was on this trip that she experienced her first taste of raw cacao from a tree, and she was instantly hooked.

The yoga instructor-turned-chocolatier now produces loads of all-natural chocolate concoctions from organic and fair trade ingredients. The company offers box sets of its Raw Organic Chocolate bars, Sedona Spice bars, Aztec Cruch bars, Smoked Salted Almond bars and Maca Love bars - which contain a mixture of chocolate and Maca, a tasty ingredient from the Andes said to enhance vitality.

Price: $36


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