Reusable Replacements: Never Use Foil or Plastic Wrap Again

Americans generate about 250 million tons of trash every year, and single-use products are a big reason why. A piece of aluminum foil or plastic wrap here and there may not seem like much, but those bits of kitchen waste can really add up over time. To help you halt the endless stream of single-use cooking waste, Earth911 gathered up five clever (and reusable) ways to replace foil and plastic wrap in your kitchen. Not sure why it’s important to reduce your use of foil and plastic wrap? Scroll through to the end of our slideshow for stats that will shock you.

Homepage Image: Mr. Bar-B-Q

  • V

    While this is nice and all, there was not a substitute presented for foil around the baked potatoes.

  • Rori O’Connor

    I want to know how you’re supposed to clean those reusable baking sheets. Hand wash? Dishwasher? Clothes washer? That would be an important fact to know, considering if you can’t clean it, you’ll probably be forced throw it out.