How to Keep Bananas from Getting Too Ripe

[button_caption btnsize="large" btntext="Get One" btncolor="green" id="attachment_166217" width="1000" align="alignnone" btnurl=""]RSV-007-BAN-Hero2Photo:[/button_caption]Every week, it's the same old story. You pick up a fresh, slightly green bunch of bananas at the store and dream of all the fantastic ways you'll use them. Smoothies? Dessert? Post-workout snack?

But it never fails: There's always a banana or two left on the counter, too ripe for anything more beyond baking. And while banana bread, pancakes and muffins are delicious, they can definitely get old – fast.

That's why we think this banana bag is genius. It keeps your fruit at the perfect stage of ripeness up to two weeks in your fridge, helping to cut your food waste and save money.

If you try it, let us know what you think!

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  • John

    What a stupid idea. Just buy fewer bananas in the first place. Besides, it’s made of PLASTIC, in CHINA!!!

  • Bridget

    I have one of these and it does work. However with the bananas kept out of sight in the fridge we just forgot about them and they went over ripe anyway. Now ijust buy fewer, organic bananas and keep them out in the kitchen and they all get eaten.

  • Deborah Davis

    This is just what I need in my home! Each week my beautiful, organic bananas go bad too quickly! I look forward to using the banana bag soon.

  • Kelsey

    well..i heard that if you want bananas to ripe up fast, put them in a dark cool place, or in a paper lunch bag.

    so…that just means that brighter areas of your home, will help to keep them from ripening. It just slows down the riping up process.
    I set mine near a window, but if you had a hanging basket in front of in-direct light, that would be the best place!