By Mary Mazzoni on Jan 10, 2011

Your Local Guide to Winter Produce

So, we’ve talked about buying local and seasonal produce before, but what’s all the fuss about going local anyway?

Buying local can mean getting healthier, tastier food as well as supporting farmers. Photo: Amanda Wills, Earth911

Get the answers to all your pressing questions about buying local food, and consult our winter produce guide to find out which fruits and veggies are in season in your area along with delicious recipes.

And to completely close the loop, read up on how you can compost your dinner, even during the winter months.

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Mary Mazzoni

Based in the Phoenix metro area, Mary is a lifelong vegetarian and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking and relaxing in the park. When she’s not outside, she’s probably watching baseball. She is a former assistant editor for Earth911.

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      • Grace

        Excellent article with links to many helpful resources. Being from the northeast, I forget sometimes that even in winter there are locally grown produce options. Thanks!

      • Jimnp72

        Very comprehensive and fun reading. Never mind about eating meat, though. with today’s food technology we can enjoy the taste of different meats without eating dead animals.
        dont eat fish either. they are killed in a horrible manner.
        let us stick to creative uses of vegs and fruits ( I do eat cheese) that are locally produced as Mary’s article espouses.

      • ines

        Thanks for the article and the resources!