12 Crazy Ways to Go DIY This Year

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Project #8: Use an old window frame from a home remodel or salvage yard to create an eye-catching mirror that instantly brightens your dining room. Photo: Monica Ewing/Craftynest

For the dining room

7. Floral-free centerpiece

Looking for a way to impress dinner party guests without spending a fortune at the flower shop? Use an old holiday wreath and some fruits and veggies from your pantry to create a quick and easy homemade alternative like The Inspired Room blogger Melissa Michaels.

Michaels used green apples, pears and pinecones for a winter-inspired centerpiece. But feel free to use whatever produce picks you have on hand to create a tablescape that's truly your own.

8. Window frame mirror

If your dining room is looking a little dark, skip the extra lamps and opt for a few well-placed mirrors instead. Mirrors reflect natural light for a brightening effect and make your room look bigger instantly. We know what you're thinking. Mirrors are a bit pricey, right? Not if you ditch the home decor store and craft your mirror from trash like Craftynest blogger Monica Ewing.

Ewing used an old window frame she ran across at a salvage yard to create a unique and eye-catching mirror for her San Francisco apartment. Use her detailed tutorial to give your dining room a makeover.

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