5 DIY Crafts for Used Books

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Vintage Paper Vases

Image courtesy of Countryliving.com

Image courtesy of Countryliving.com

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but words can create a pretty picture, too," writes Bethany Lyttle for Country Living, where we find our first project. "That's what stylist Paul Lowe set out to celebrate when he determined to make artful use of books and letters that, too often, end up in the trash."

Well, you can't put water or flowers in these vases, but they're lovely enough to hold their own. This simple craft by Country Living (start at slide 8) requires a book, a pencil, scissors, cardboard, hot glue and some mad skills with a craft knife.

By essentially creating an outline of a typical vase shape and cutting it into a book whose covers have been removed, an "accordion" of paper forms the rounded shape.  It's a simple, four-step process that might even have this novice crafter getting out the hot glue gun.

Following Country Living's example, try varying the size and shape of the vases you create for interesting arrangements and versatility.

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