5 DIY Crafts for Used Books

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Whimsical Wreath

Image courtesy of Lindsay / Makelyhome.com

Image courtesy of Lindsay / Makelyhome.com

Don't panic: Yes, the holidays are over, and no, this wreath isn't wintry in the slightest.

This beautiful project comes from the creative pages of the DIY home decor blog, Living with Lindsay. She was inspired to make her own, thrifty wreath design after seeing similar wreaths priced at $40 a pop at a city-wide garage sale.

"The vendor told me that she made them sitting in front of the television," she writes. "That’s my kind of crafting." That's our kind of crafting, too!

For a change on the project, Lindsay recommends trying magazines or sheet music as well, which would look equally enchanting. Like the project above, simple items like a glue gun, foam wreath ring and a bit of a craft paint make this project a snap.

Check out Lindsay's tutorial, which has both written and a video tutorial.

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  • http://seethinkshare.wordpress.com/ Jon King

    Great idea’s… our local book stores are taking trade-ins’ now but they have SO many in stock.

  • Erica

    These are great ideas! I’ve done the secret hollow book before using the same tutorial you referenced. Be warned that it takes a really LONG time to cut out all of those pages. The wreath looks rad. I’ll try that next.

  • Nicole

    I am a purse freak, I still cry a little inside when my daughter carries one of my favs that I passed on to her cause she loved it, and I love her more than the purse. But this is awsome, I am determined to do this. Now I just have to find the perfect book, which is hard because I love to read and have a hard time getting rid of any of the ones I have, even for trade. Funny huh

  • http://weekendreaderbookshop.com Flo

    When I first saw the title to this article, I thought “Are these people NUTS?” But then I saw the beautiful and quirky results and was simply tickled. Unfortunately, not all books can be salvaged, sold, and / or rescued. These projects bring a fun life to books that have LITERALLY failed the test of time.