Edible Flowers for Your Garden

Fruits and veggies like apples, tomatoes and carrots are the first things that come to mind when most of us think about growing our own food. But did you know loads of floral favorites, including lilacs and sunflowers, have useful (and tasty!) applications in your kitchen? For a plot that’s as pretty as it is practical, incorporate edible flowers – along with your favorite produce picks – into your garden plan. To get you started, Earth911 rounded up seven versatile blooms that you can cook today.

Homepage Image: Alexandra Vietti, Earth911

Mary Mazzoni

Mary Mazzoni

Based in the Phoenix metro area, Mary is a lifelong vegetarian and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking and relaxing in the park. When she’s not outside, she’s probably watching baseball. She is a former assistant editor for Earth911.

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