Garden with Garbage: 10 Foods You Can Grow from Scraps


Photo: Flickr/Esteban Cavrico


Like growing green onions, growing celery from leftovers is also fairly straightforward. When you chop up the celery, leave the base of the plant in tact. Sit the celery base in water (like you did with your green onions) and leave it in the water for about a week. Mary and Tim of the blog 17 Apart tried growing celery this way and recommend changing the water every couple days.

After a week or so, you will notice small, yellow leaves growing from the middle of the plant and the outer stalks will start to deteriorate. At this point, you can plant your celery in soil, either in a pot or in your garden (since celery is a cool weather crop, you'll need the temperature to be warm enough for growing but not too hot).

  • Sue Cole

    This is awesome! I knew you could keep ginger fresh by planting it, so I guess I should have realized it would eventually grow…
    Why is the world so simple to live in & people have made it so difficult?

    • MelindaNC

      I tried doing this with fresh ginger but the plant only got so big then died. How do you keep the plant healthy and thriving?

      • Sue Cole

        It prefers shade, believe it or not, & it should be always moist. Make sure the nub you plant has an existing branching or 2nd nub on it. You can keep trimming back the greenery to help the root grow. Of course, everytime you need a piece of ginger, you have to dig the root up and cut off another piece, then just replant it!
        Idk ALL the details ’cause I just started doing this, but, in theory, that’s how it goes. I hope this helps.

        • MelindaNC

          Thanks much Sue!

        • Sue Cole

          Mine has now developed an above the surface growth that looks like a tiny, ginger-colored mushroom…

  • terri

    This is great to know about celery, since it’s one of the more ‘sprayed and contaminated’ vege’s out on all those lists. Thank you!

  • volunteeriga

    Thanks for all this information on planting garbage. Very Helpfull

  • MelindaNC

    The onions surprised me. I should have known because I am constantly battling wild onions in my lawn.

    • Stephanie Snyder

      if you don’t want the onions- even though they make beautiful flowers, you have to remove the onion bulb, once you dig them all up you won’t have to fight them again

  • Lavabo Market

    everything looks great

  • J’Marinde Shephard

    Can’t you also clip and use (eat) the greens from the garlic shoots?

  • knfjwdubfw