By Trey Granger on Aug 25, 2009

Packaging Award Recognizes New Wine Bottle

The Lean & Green™ wine bottle manufactured by O-I Asia-Pacific received two Packaging Evolution Awards in Australia, including the Best in Show award, in just its first year on the market.

Lean & Green launched in May as a lighter bottle that uses less glass and was originally  marketed for wine in Australia and the U.K. By using less glass and reducing the diameter of the bottle, O-I decreased the weight in some by up to 28 percent.

Glass containers are 100 percent recyclable, can be recycled endlessly and recovered glass is used as the majority ingredient in new glass containers. Photo:

Glass containers are 100 percent recyclable and recovered glass is used as the majority ingredient in new glass containers. Photo:

By manufacturing bottles that weigh less, O-I was achieved a 20 percent energy savings and 12 percent water savings, while fitting 840 additional bottles in a 20-foot shipping container. These features helped O-I win the Most Innovative Solution In Packaging Waste Management award.

"It's a win/win situation when you can deliver products that are lighter, use less energy and water and are also more freight efficient, particularly when brand owners can maintain their product's image at the same time," said O-I Asia Pacific President Greg Ridder.

The company was also a finalist for the Beverage Packaging Action Award and Most Outstanding Demonstration of Packaging Waste Management in Australia.

Another philosophy used to reduce packaging weight while maintaining the same volume of wine is to remove the indentation in the bottom of the bottle. Additionally, some wineries are also experimenting with PET versions of their wine bottles. While the plastic bottles have been found to have up to 29 percent lower carbon emissions than their glass counterparts, they are also not the best fit for long-term storage of wine, according to a study commissioned by plastic bottle maker Portavin.

The Packaging Evolution Awards are given annually by Australia-based Reed Business Information. This year's other winners included Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson Pacific and Kimberly-Clark Australia.

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      • eric

        love the greening of the wine bottle news. been following it for a few years and it’s really good to see progress.

        pulled together several pieces on all the movement in the development of green bottles through Kosmix:

        keep up the good work. and keep the pressure on.



      • pat

        Oh please I do not want to see wine in plastic I for one will not purchase it. The thinner glass seems like a better idea.