By Amanda Wills on Jul 23, 2009

Justin Timberlake Opens First Eco-Friendly Golf Course

Justin Timberlake is gaining some eco-cred with his new golf course in Memphis, Tenn. Opening on July 25, the singer has invested $16 million into making it the “greenest” golfing destination in the U.S.

Originally called Woodstock Hills, the golf course is older and was actually the first place golf-enthusiast Timberlake learned to hit a golf ball.


While golf courses aren't generally eco-friendly, Timberlake's Mirimichi Golf Course is stepping up its green efforts. Photo:

“…Last year we found out they were going to auction it off and turn it into a development,” Timberlake told “So we thought it was such a landmark for the community, we’d scoop it and save it. And we did. We were able to before it was auctioned off.”

Renamed Mirimichi Golf Course, Timberlake’s newest venture is the first project in the U.S. to receive the Audubon International’s Classic Sanctuary certification.

The course will feature irrigation systems that will maximize the use of rainwater, native landscaping and electric golf carts powered by solar panels.

“After we had the golf course, we said why don't we refurbish it and make it even nicer for the community. Then I asked questions about what we could possibly do, and we found out we could actually make it a 'green course,'" Timberlake said.

"So when it's finished this summer it will be a Platinum LEED certified green course. The first in the United States of America, so that's pretty exciting that you could take all that land and make it eco-friendly.”

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      • Earth Friendly Goodies

        It is good to see golf courses stepping up their green efforts, I had recently noticed a local course doing a major grassland restoration project along its fairways – not to the level of Mirimichi perhaps but every step counts. Inspired by the opening of JT’s course I too wrote a post about the future of sustainable golf courses and other eco-friendly golf equipment including recyclable balls and biodegradable tees – good to see there is an effort to make the “greenest” game a bit greener. :)

      • Trey Granger

        Wow, solar panels on top of the carts. That’s pretty cool. Hopefully all these advances haven’t increased the greens fees too much.

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      • Krista Watterworth

        Goooo JT! Very excited to hear this… wish we lived closer!

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      • Joseph Buckner

        I am really looking forward playing golf in this course! The equipment they use are state-of-the-art, not to mention eco-friendly. This has got to be one of the best Memphis golf courses I have ever seen.