No More Easy-Bake Oven After Incandescent Ban

Due to the federal phase-out of incandescent light bulbs, the 48-year-old Easy-Bake Oven will no longer be available. Photo: Flickr/aimeewenske

Hasbro announced it will retire the much-loved Easy-Bake Oven this year because federal law will essentially prohibit the toy's heating element - a 100 watt incandescent bulb.

Legislation passed in 2007 launched the phase-out of traditional bulbs and established energy efficiency standards that require all new bulbs to use 25-30 percent less power than incandescents by 2012.

The oven, introduced in 1963, cooked up tiny cakes and cookies thanks to the original bulb's energy inefficiency. About 90 percent of the energy in incandescent bulbs is emitted as heat rather than light.

But little bakers have nothing to fear: Hasbro will introduce a new oven, the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, this fall that uses a different, non-bulb heating element. Phew.

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  • lighthouse

    Hmm..just more from of the nonsense that results from
    banning safe-to-use products like light bulbs…

    All lights have their advantages, including ordinary incandescents over
    and even if there are electricity savings,
    citizens pay for the electricity they use:
    There is no energy shortage, including of future low emission electricity,
    that justifies a limitation on what citizens can use.
    Even if if there was a shortage of the finite
    coal/oil/gas sources, then their price rise limits their use anyway –
    without legislation.

    Moreover: light bulbs don’t give out any CO2 gas – power plants might.
    If there is an energy supply/emissions problem – deal with the problem!

    Why overall energy savings are not there anyway:
    with US Dept of Energy references = Under 1% overall energy savings
    from energy efficiency regulations on incandescent lights….

  • Matt Saling

    Little plastic army men rejoice everywhere!

  • Tim

    The Easy Bake never got hot enough to melt my LEAD army men!

    Too bad CFL’s are nothing but a huge scam. I’ve stocked my attic with enough real light bulbs to last me the rest of my life, and possibly make a nice income selling them on the black market after 2012.

  • Freelance Minion

    This is yet another reason this ban was a bad idea. they shoudl just tax incandescents heavily as we do with cigarettes. There are other antique signs and other uses that will not work after this year.