By Nate Lipka on May 2, 2013

Weird Recycling: Gross or Green?

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We don't think twice about recycling glass, aluminum and paper. But the idea of recycling urine, dirty diapers and cigarette butts might make some pause, if not turn green in the face on the spot.

What do you think of the following 10 cutting-edge, edge-of-yucky recycling efforts: Gross or Green?

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Panda poo tea

An Yanshi, a lecturer at Sichuan University in China, was awarded a patent for his idea to use panda poo as a fertilizer for tea. In his application for the patent, An claimed that the tea would have anti-cancer properties and could sell for as much as $36,000 per pound.

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      • AK

        This sounds like the same concept as putting rabbit droppings in gardens…

      • just ask jane

        Cigarettes are killers – none of us should be picking up butts as they can harbor
        Staph infection from saliva

        see premier food safety

        just ask jane.

      • Kimberly Diamond

        toilet seat street reminds me of dead like me for some reason lol