Reusable Replacements for an Active Lifestyle

Staying fit and active amidst personal commitments and busy work schedules is a full-time job. But as you navigate your hectic routine, take a moment to assess all that trash you're throwing out. The average American produces more than 1,600 pounds of waste per year, a large portion of which is made up of single-use products and packaging. To show you how easy it can be to kick disposables to the curb, Earth911 rounded up five common single-use products you use in your active life, along with clever (and reusable!) ways to replace them.

Homepage Image: Towelmate

Mary Mazzoni

Based in the Phoenix metro area, Mary is a lifelong vegetarian and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking and relaxing in the park. When she’s not outside, she’s probably watching baseball. She is a former assistant editor for Earth911.