Clean Your Whole House with Vinegar, Baking Soda and Lemon

lemon, vinegar, baking soda, cleaning
Vinegar, baking soda and lemon can be used for many cleaning tasks around the home. Photo: Shutterstock

One way to reduce the number of cleaning products you bring into your home is to clean with products you already have. People have been cleaning with household staples like vinegar, baking soda and lemons (or lemon juice) for a long time, and believe it or not, these items are safe and often effective. If you clean with these items, you may buy less, spend less money and have fewer harsh chemicals to worry about.

Click through to get some ideas for what you can clean with vinegar, baking soda and lemon.

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  • Ming

    Love to read your articles but can we still earn Recycle Bank points for them?

    • Earth911-More Ideas Less Waste

      Recycle Bank points can be collected from the vertical social sidebar to the left of the post. Thanks for reading!!

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        Thank you so much for fixing it quickly – I can see the button now.

  • PickyMom

    Natural, non-toxic & inexpensive ingredients used by our mothers & grandmothers, thank you for sharing this important message~

  • Riya Mathur


  • Riya Mathur

    Nice idea to clean at home with cheap options by the way what is recommended items at home which can be cleaned using vinegar +baking soda + lemon , any list

  • lucy

    i always use vinegar to clean my kettle, just pour glass of vinegar to the kettle bring to boil and leave for 2 hours, when cool, empty kettle and clean with sourcer repeat routine if need better effect. rinse kettle with water.

  • Mini Clean

    I have been using environmentally friendly chemicals ever since from the cleaning company that I have. But thank you for these tips! I can now make my own recipe as well as I can do the cleaning by myself using the products that can be found in my own kitchen. I can save a lot from this indeed!

  • Mary Buchenthal Brandis

    Thanks for sharing this. I just bookmarked it. We are moving and for the first time made a home made cleaner for grout and it worked. Looking forward to try this.

  • Lisa

    How long is the spray good for a room temp before it goes rancid from the lemon/lime juice? Thanks