Soles for souls.

A few weeks back we wrote an article on how Soles4Souls was making a difference and looking at recycling in a new and unique way, link to story We were very impressed and decided they could use some help to help those who have a real need.

They could really use your help to continue and expand their work. If you have some shoes to donate, or just want to give them some financial support, they would be very appreciative indeed, you will also have my personal thanks.

Every penny of your donation will go to them… they truly need it and your support can help millions of people right here at home, and many millions more oversees.

Earth911 will give a free t-shirt to the first 1,000 people who donate $20.00 to soles4souls. We will send an offer code to you and you can choose any t-shirt from our merchandise section, and we will ship it to you at absolutely no cost (we’ll even pay the shipping)

$20.00, will help someone in real terms, it will help reduce landfill, encourage recycling and make a huge impact in someone’s life today. You will also look good in one of our newly designed t-shirts. (I particularly like the China Smog one)

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Aaron Styles

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