How to Recycle Plastic Bags

Recycle Plastic Bags
Plastic bags and film packaging are generally #2 and #4 plastic, both of which are recyclable. Most plastic bags are recycled into composite lumber, but can actually become a wide variety of products. Drop-off locations and curbside pick-up programs for these plastics are available all over the country.

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Frequent Plastic Bag Recycling Questions

Are plastic bags worse than paper bags?

Though commonly debated, many are surprised to find out that compared to paper, plastic grocery bags can be a resource-efficient choice. Plastic grocery bags require 70 percent less energy to manufacture than paper bags, and produce half the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the process, according to

Though efficient to produce, it is crucial that plastic bags be reused and recycled and kept out of natural environments as they do not biodegrade quickly and can cause problems for wildlife when improperly disposed of.

How strong are plastic bags?

A plastic bag can hold up to 17 pounds – nearly 2,000 times its own weight, according to

Where can I recycle plastic bags?

Most grocers and large retailers such as Target and Walmart now accept plastic bags, wrap and film for recycling. Look for a bin near the front of the store or check for local recycling options nearest you.

Are plastic bags made from oil?

About 85 percent of plastic bags used in the United States are American-made and come from natural gas, not foreign oil, according to

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