Make a Vertical Garden from Terra Cotta Pots

Houston-based blogger Valerie, the green-thumbed gal behind the blog Vertical Garden, never lets small spaces get her down. The urban gardening maven lives by one simple rule: garden upwards, not outwards. And we could all learn a thing or two from her resourcefulness, no matter how much space we have at our disposal. To liven up a bland and boring fence on her urban patio, the crafty blogger looked to something every gardener has plenty of – terra cotta pots. Using a bit of know-how and some affordable hanging hardware, Valerie created a lovely vertical garden setup in mere minutes from ceramic pots she already had on hand. Take a page from her book and plant decorative flowers, or use your new hanging garden to grow herbs for the kitchen. This versatile setup can also be used to add a touch of green to tree trunks, deck support poles and even brick. So, get creative and customize your space the eco-friendly way. Ready to give it a try? Get step-by-step instructions on how to make … Continued

Stay Green in 2013: Crazy DIYs to Try

If you’ve always marveled at those DIY mavens who manage to make everything themselves, why not resolve to add a touch of homemade to your repertoire this New Year? Since every resolution needs helping hand, Earth911 dug up 13 crazy ways to go DIY in 2013, reducing waste and treating yourself to new-to-you decor for every room of the house. Self-sufficiency, here you come! Homepage Image: Anjelika Paranjpe/Brit + Co.

EPA Tips: Winter Weatherizing Ideas for Renters and Owners

The winter season can be a drag on your energy bill. Luckily, energy efficiency experts have compiled loads of useful measures to make heating your living space more efficient – whether you’re a homeowner or a renter.

Here are helpful tips and tricks on how renters and owners can prep for the winter, straight from the EPA.

DIY Hanukkah Decor Made from Reused Materials

With the Hanukkah season in full swing, you may notice a few corners of your home that could use an extra spruce. But don’t shell out your hard-earned dollars at a pricey home decor shop just yet! To make your seasonal decor a little friendlier on the planet (and your wallet), Earth911 rounded up 10 stunning Hanukkah projects made from materials you already have at home. Browse our list for inventive ideas you’ll love. Homepage Image: Photo: Tali Buchler/Matzo Ball Soup