5 Popular Environmental Reads

There are many books that address ideas of nature and environmentalism.  A mix of non-fiction, fiction, personal essay and futuristic fiction – here is a short list of  five important and fun reads about our relationship with the world around us. A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold Considered by many to be the first, and one of the greatest, books of environmental writing, Leopold’s collection of essays and drawings A Sand County Almanac was published about a year after Leopold’s death in 1945.  The most famous essay is “The Land Ethic” in which Leopold looks to extend ethics to land and nature, he says “The extension of ethics to this third element in human environment is, if I read the evidence correctly, an evolutionary possibility and an ecological necessity.” You can visit the Aldo Leopold Foundation here. Silent Spring By Rachel Carson Published in 1962, Silent Spring is cited as having changed the course of history in environmental thinking – responsible for the banning of DDT and other laws concerning our environment. Carson examines … Continued