Clean Coal: Oxymoron of the Century

Last week we published an article on Nuclear power, and boy did the sparks fly … Good. Our intentions are always to objectively present the information and start a conversation, even on a subject as touchy as nuclear power. Many of our readers fundamentally oppose nuclear power due to their belief it poses safety concerns and toxic waste. Yet, we all live under the umbrella of a generating source that does not threaten ecological disasters,  doesn’t pose the threat of toxic pollution, and does not have the potential for harm to human life … it does them all every day. All masked under the term “Clean Coal” what an oxymoron. Whenever I see a coal plant, the first thing I think of is “duck and cover”. The concept of a sales pitch probably dates as far back as the first shady dealings between two of our prehistoric ancestors over a mangy hide of questionable origins. Throughout our evolution and across the spans of time, the concept still remains the same: convince someone that a product … Continued