The Case for Reuse Bins

By now, most of us are used to the idea of the recycling bin. Whether it’s at home, at work or in public areas like shopping malls, when we see a blue bin or cart with the recycling symbol on it, we know that bin is meant for our paper and bottles/cans. But what about materials that don’t belong in the recycling bin? Before tossing them in a landfill, consider a new bin for your house: the reuse bin. This is an area where you can store products that will likely have later value, such as hardware (nails/screws, paper clips), packaging materials (packing peanuts, air pillows) and sealers (corks, twisty ties). The reuse bin opportunities are endless. Here’s a few helpful tips for creating your own reuse bin: 1. Decide What to Collect Your local recycling program chooses what materials to accept based on the local recycling market, and you should do the same when creating a home/office reuse bin. Start asking questions like: What materials am I constantly throwing away? What materials am I … Continued