10 Tips for Staying Waste-Free at Work

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It's tough to keep environmental impact at a minimum while you're away from home. And when you're in a highly-regimented environment like the office, reducing waste and shrinking your footprint can seem next to impossible. But don't fret, eco-minded employee. You can easily cut office impact by making a few quick adjustments to your daily routine. Check out these 10 simple tips for staying waste-free at work, and cut the footprint of your workday in half.

Bringing your lunch in reusable containers reduces waste and saves money.

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1. Pack your own lunch

Bringing your own lunch and snacks to the office in reusable containers not only reduces packaging waste, but can also put thousands of dollars back into your pocket annually.

A survey of 1,000 workers conducted by finance recruiting firm Accounting Principals revealed that the average American worker spends $37 per week on bought lunch, adding up to $2,000 a year (there's that pay increase you've been looking for).

The same survey found that 50 percent of the American workforce spends $1,000 per year on coffee. So, bring your morning cup to work in a reusable mug, and utilize office coffee machines to save on cash and reduce hard-to-recycle coffee cup waste.

To get you started on your low-waste, low-budget revolution, check out these sustainable lunch and snack recipes that are perfect for the office, and banish those vending machine trips for good.

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